Are you looking to go shopping for clothes anytime soon? Well this is the shop to go to. It has clothing racks, mirrors, changing rooms, an office and even mannequins. This clothing store is called Fashion House by Odalisca:

The entrance with mannequins on either side

Ice mirror at the back wall with changingrooms next to it

I love that the fences look like clothing racks. I only wish item frames didn’t float. If you want to see the merchandising process I went through here’s the video.

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I started to take it a little too seriously :P

The office! where the magic happens

Here is the layout. The office in this picture is really small. When I build it in survival I had to make it bigger. I also added a separate room for chests where I keep dyes and other materials. In that room I also have very small dye farms so that I never run out of supplies. :)

Source: Imgur

I wonder if they carry the latest Minecraft T-shirts.

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