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If you have a computer that can handle it, playing Minecraft with shaders is an awesome experience. While vanilla Minecraft has a unique look, adding shaders brings the quality of the game up a notch (hah). However, at this point, there is a huge number of shaderpacks available, each bringing a different visual style to Minecraft. Picking one can be quite hard. To aid with that, and also as an excuse to make another cinematic video, I put together a shaders showdown last week. You might have even already seen it, depending on whether or not you read our tweets.

I took 5 of the most popular shaders – Sildurs, SEUS, Mr Meepz, Continuum and Chocapic, and put them head to head. For the test to be fair, I used the highest quality version of each shader available (Ultra, or the equivalent), and keep everything else the same (time of day in Minecraft, render distance, and so on). The resulting video should therefore give a good and fair comparison of each shader (minus the Youtube compression artifacts).

Shaderpack Downloads:


Ultimately, I think my favourite is still Sildur’s Vibrant, a shader that I have used to show off my builds for more than a year. However, opinions on what is the ‘best’ are always going to be subjective. So, what shaderpack is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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