The Story of Elijah Stroud

What are you doing in school? Probably boring stuff like social studies and learning, but what is second grader 8 year old Elijah Stroud doing? Authoring his first 30 page paperback book entitled ‘The Story of My Minecraft Life‘ and has published it to be a top seller on Amazon. The book takes you on an adventure as Elijah and his best friend Jake have fun exploring and building within the video game of Minecraft. But how did Elijah create his notebook drawings into an actual book? They used Amazon’s CreateSpace to self-publish it and now it’s selling online. And according to his father, “it’s doing pretty well.”

Earlier this month, Elijah had a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Wilkes-Barre Township. Now a third grader, Elijah is already working on his second Minecraft book, and has a third in mind.

“I’m already on my sixth chapter,” Elijah said.

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Here’s Elijah promoting his book right from his own YouTube Channel:


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Here’s another cool video from his channel:

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You can check out ‘The Story of My Minecraft Life’ on Amazon.

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