Custom Skin Endertoy Action Figure GiftCardLast month we gave away a free custom made EnderToy by SuesCraft to our monthly contest winner, “CallMeCyber“. What is EnderToys? They are made by a company called SuesCraft. They make custom action figures based off your Minecraft Skin. They also sell premade action figures of your favorite YouTuber.



Our Contest winner had his EnderToy made to look like his Minecraft skin.

endertoys-02 (1) endertoys-02 (2)

EnderToys uses 3D printing to create your custom, fully assembled Minecraft figurine. Then they take Minecraft skins made or selected by you and print them onto a high quality vinyl adhesive. Then they enforce it with a UV resistant, weatherproof laminate for maximum quality.

They also make keychains with your Minecraft EnderToy if you do so choose.


You can browse their selections on Amazon, or their website to make your own.

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