Meet the Gearcraft TV video team

05-150x150Meet KimmieTins

KimmieTins is our YouTube channel’s producer. She makes tutorials, reviews, and entertainment videos for us. Along with her journey she is joined by @DocPool73 and Herman the chicken. Tune in to our YouTube channel to catch up on all the fun. You can catch KimmieTins on Twitter @KimmieTins.


03-150x150Meet Taylor D.

Taylor is not only our content director, partner relations, server administrator and market growth strategist (Phew!), he is also our moderator and streamer. Taylor streams live games every week from our server on Twitch, and also develops our “Gearcraft Weekly Show“. You can catch Taylor on Twitter @GearcraftTaylor.


04-150x150Meet Protigy Steven

Steve is definitely a prodigy, at 15 years old he has proved himself to be a master Minecraft animator. He originally created our YouTube intro video, and now he recreates popular Vine videos with a Minecraft Mix. You can catch Steven on Twitter @Protigy_Steven.