A problem plaguing players, even with new maps built on upgraded patches, is what to do once all the natural spawning villagers have disappeared? Whether playing on a new map or an old one before the patches, sometimes villagers just up and vanish, mostly due to an onslaught night attack that the player wasn’t even present for. Villagers, from butchers and blacksmiths to farmers and priests, play a pivotal role in obtaining items through trades with emeralds as the main currency. Everything from diamond pick axes to enchantment books are obtainable with enough trades to increase their personal stock, thus demonstrating how truly valuable having villagers can be.


This Minecraft XBox 360 guide will provide players with a tutorial on how to utilize a zombie spawner that has been transformed into a spawn and drop zombie XP farm. Assuming you have one of these in place would be a great start.


The player will need one normal Golden Apple (which needs one red apple and 8 gold bars to create) and a Splash Potion of Weakness (created at an alchemy stand by diffusing water bottles with a Fermented Spiders Eye, then diffusing the weakness potions with gunpowder to make them throw-able.) These will come in handy at the conversion point of this process.



Zombie villagers and children spawn at a rate of 1 in 20 from a normal zombie spawner, so waiting around for a zombie villager to spawn is the first step. With the drop method spawner the zombies will continuously spawn until out of range, or until we get the zombie villagers were looking for. Once one has successfully spawned and has fallen to the collection pit of other normal zombies it’s time to go down stairs.


Here i have replaced the bottom corral ceiling with glass so we can weed out our zombie villager out of the coral of presumably 20 normal zombies. Kill the normal zombies while avoiding the villager one until only the villager zombie remains alive. Accidents will happen and this may take a couple tries (often I kill the villager zombie while trying to kill the others, just go up and start again.)




Opening up the zombie corral will allow the villager zombie to walk out and start chasing the player around. A short walk away into the next room presents us with a single corral specifically for zombie villagers and converting them. Run through the entrance and out the back, quickly throwing a switch that allows two sticky pistons to close the zombie villager in leaving him virtually helpless and ready for conversion.




Throw the Splash Potion of Weakness at the zombie villager, affected villagers will have gray like swirls coming off of them. Once weakened feed the zombie villager a golden apple, to which point the swirls will now turn red. This is the indication that the conversion process has started to take effect. The conversion from zombie to normal villager takes about five whole minutes, so be patient. In this time i usually farm some more zombie xp, or get ready for another villager convert once one has already began to be cured.


After about five minutes the zombie villager will turn into one of the five types of normal villagers at random. From here your villagers will be stuck underground, probably in a cave. For easy transport I used a rail system running from the conversion corral all the way to a walled in safe village to ensure the safety of your new villagers.


Villages should be well lit, have iron golems on duty (which can be created by combining four iron blocks in a T shape, and putting a Jack-O-Lantern on top) that attack all hostiles, and have ample space for future expansion.


This all may sound tedious but in a few short hours of work a completely abandoned village can be brought back to life. Villagers will naturally breed like other animals of the game, but the town pop can always be increased with more zombie converts. Villager trade networks pay off in the long run, so in times of boredom just convert your buns off till the point you can make a city! I mean, why not?


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