Check out these top Minecraft CakesThe masterpiece of any birthday is the birthday cake. Being huge Minecraft fans we no doubt expect and DEMAND Minecraft cakes all the time! They’re so tasty and look so beautiful. Ann Reardon, dessert making expert and blogger of HowToCookThat, has a couple awesome Minecraft cakes that will make you drool and wish you too could enjoy these cakes too!

Minecraft Village Cake

This beautiful village Minecraft cake is everything the special birthday girl or boy would love. It’s really cool because it doesn’t contain any  fondant, just frosting, chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy yum yum!

What sets this cake apart from other Minecraft cakes is that you can have your birthday buddies help you build this cake during the party, all you need to do is make the blocks. Ann includes a template on her website to make the process easier, and it’s only $4.99! The Minecraft cake serves up to 45 people! OMG! You can also use the extra blocks as party bag goodies for later snacking :D

View the recipe here or watch the video on how to make it below:

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Minecraft Cake:

Minecraft Cake:

Minecraft Grass/Dirt Block Chocolate Cake

The Minecraft village cake was amazing, but it could be VERY time consuming, this one might also be because, just like in true Minecraft fashion, the cake requires 1280 tiny blocks! That’s okay though because Ann includes a FREE template on her website to help you with the process.

We of course suggest you check out the video for full instructions so you too can recreate this delicious looking Minecraft cake:

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Bonus Cake:

iPad Cake with you favorite apps on it! Especially Minecraft!

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If you’re really into cakes, we suggest you subscribe to Ann’s YouTube channel for more amazing cakes.

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