The essence of the tide and revered heart of the deep. Xephira’s significance can only be compared to that of a god as her magnitude and mysticism runs deep within her veins. The shell’s spine is coated in a thick layer of barnacles, on both the exoskeleton and the adaptively luminescent ones within. Her heart is by definition a birthright of the ocean, as it’s pulse has for millions of years determined the stroke of the waves, affecting countless ecosystems. Her colossal shell continues to shift weather patterns and the swell of tide with every movement. With worldwide underwater currents directing through Xephira’s valves, there is no doubt as to why her presence is teeming with life and how deeply her connection with them ventures. The Heart itself is an accessible source of power and connection for great entities upon physical contact. Imbuing the doer with the same mysticism that runs within Xephira.
Renders made in Cinema4d and Blender (Edited in Photoshop)
An expansive research facility stretching between mountain ranges and sand bars. Created by Steve as an endeavour and interest to learn more about the underwater deity and the unique ecosystem created by her presence. Each quadrant serves a purpose as fundamentals to depicting the wide variety of fauna and flora inhabiting the region. His ambitions and desires push Steve to potentially discover clues about Xephira’s existence, origination and significance of her slumber within the ancient civilization of Eluvia.
Eluvia, a once magnificent empire, embracing its days long forgotten on the flooded plains and kelp ridden mountains. Little is known about this vast city as its history was washed away with the great floods. Before the events of the industrial revolution and its after effects, Eluvia was a well renowned ancient capitol, isolated from
the rest of the world, and abandoned far before its watery embrace. From what was gathered at its core, Eluvia’s downfall was suggestively the result of a plague during an era of newborn monarchy. While being almost inherently destroyed by the freshly ground burrow of a god-like crustacean, Eluvia’s outer-most monuments still stand proud. To the North East, the ancient town hall remains adjacent to the cliff side, with grandeur interior and architectural prestige enveloping it. The far north west quadrant served as a palace for the long deceased royalty, and centred between the government and royalty is situated the capitol of religion with its distinguishable dome and plaza. The far south of Eluvia once served as its own municipality, and retains the opera house. A suggestively great luxury to the citizens of the empire. Eluvia’s hidden gem remains stowed away on the cliff side, a monastery for the regions well revered and ancient monk and devoted population.

Raw screenshots (No mods or editing)

Raw screenshots (No mods or editing)
To achieve this purple effect set the time to night, drink a night-vision potion and set your brightness to moody.

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