We all love playing Minecraft now and then, but what if you were in Minecraft? What if you got transported all of a sudden into the realm of a freshly spawned world? Where do you belong in Minecraft? Which Minecraft character are you!?

1 - Wo6QCXr1. Steve

If you’re an ordinary dude and you just play Minecraft traditionally, than you are Steve! You probably never venture out of vanilla Minecraft and repeat the process of creating a new world over and over again!





2 - k5ITrdC2. Zombie

If you’re an extremely resourceful person, you’re a zombie! Think about for a second … what do zombies have? NOTHING! I bet you’ve died over a thousand times by zombies and they kill you with their bare hands! Zombie-type people usually are very creative with what their given and will transform anything into a good place or kill you with almost any weapon. Zombies are usually the well- rounded, skillful player!



3 - KdIutPe3. Skeleton

If you’re a skillful archer, then you’re a skeleton! Skeletons usually have killer bows with killer accuracy. You are laid back and calm, but ready to fight at a moment’s notice when you spot danger.




4 - lsiTQZ14. Creeper

If you’re a fighter, then you’re a creeper! Creepers usually strike quick and are very powerful. You use a diamond sword to strike but you aren’t limited to it. You seek destruction and power. You always have TNT in you’re arsenal but wait until the right moment. You are persistent and never give up, always wanting to be on top!




5 - iwCIcgO5. Enderman

If you are the stealthy player, you’re an enderman! You probably use ender pearls to get to your target, as you are a killer, only when provoked! You use potions of invisibility and you often strike as quickly and as powerful as you can. Regardless if you use a bow or sword, you’re objective is to get the job done as fast as possible without being spotted!


So who are you? Where do you fit in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!


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