As you probably know by now Activision made headlines this week with the acquisition of King, parent company of Candy Crush. Activision which is popular for it’s Call of Duty series was having trouble breaking into the mobile gaming category, mainly because they don’t have the experience and it would take too long for them to figure out the intricacies of mobile gaming. SO they swooped up Candy Crush for almost $6 Billion!

No one knows the feeling of selling a game for such a high sum better than @Notch AKA Markus Perrson. He sounded off on Twitter on his feelings:

Notch has a pretty good sense of humor, it’s good seeing him be himself again after that last Twitter rant about being lonely :(

As far as Candy Crush, Activision has definitely made the right choice, with over 500 million active users, and the insane amount of in-app purchases, their investment will soon be worth it.

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