What are the two greatest things on Earth? We all know the answer to that, and now they are finally together!

*Please note that by reviewing this mod, I am not in any way, shape or form encouraging the use of drugs. Thank you.*

Are you ready to get high in Minecraft?

First you will need to get the Herblore Mod. That can be found here: Version 1.6.4

What is it?

Now toke is famous for its proven healing effects, so we decided to bring it to minecraft.
To gain toke you must find a village. In the village there is a random chance that one of the houses will spawn a hookah and drying table inside with toke growing in the backyard.

Along with the house comes a dealer villager that wears a dark blue robe. You can trade with him for seeds and bud.

When you harvest that toke, you can plant them just like sugar-cane and start your own toke farm.

Be careful where you plant it, if you break the base again it wont give you seeds back.
To feel the healing effects of the herb, it must be smoked.

Hello, my name is Dr. Greenthumbs


So how do i smoke it?
To feel the beneficial healing effects of the toke, you must smoke it.
You can smoke it in many ways.
Through a glass bong, pipes, joints, cookies, brownies and hookahs!
Smoking it will heal your health immediately, but give you the munchies.
Consuming the cookies and brownies will refill your hunger bar!

Once you have obtained some toke bud, dry it in the drying table to produce dried bud.

With the dried bud in your inventory, hold right click with grinder item and it will slowly convert it to grinded toke bud.
Bongs heal a considerable amount of health and have 3 uses, but are annoying to craft since you need to be near a crafting table to pack it.
Pipes are a more efficient way to smoke it, you can craft the pipes out of wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond.
The better the material you make it out of, the more health, longer high and less of the munchies you get.
The joint heals heaps but uses a lot of toke! When smoked it leaves you with a roach which can then be smoked in the bong or crafted into a new joint.

Crafting Recipes


Check out this video:

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For more information and updates check out the MinecraftForum Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1050087-164-herblore-mod%E2%84%A2-v21g-finally-updated/

Oh and its not complete until you use the Snoop Dogg Skin, check it out here.

04-SnoopSnoop Dogg – Woof! Tha Dogg pound is in the House. Blaze it up in Minecraft.

Remember. Its no fun without passing it to the homies, be sure to share and comment! and Happy Birthday Alfredo!


*Please note that by reviewing this mod, I am not in any way, shape or form encouraging the use of drugs. Thank you.*

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