In just under 11 hours,the Votable Inter-Server UHC is taking place. Our friends over at are running an event with teams from 8 community servers competing to take the podium. Gearcraft is proud to be reporting live on the event, and i’ll be spectating and updating you live on the events as they take place. This is the first event of it’s kind, and it looks to be awesome. Since I first discovered the Votable community last year, it’s grown by more than 1000 members You can also watch the livestream at the following places:


Twitter: #VotableUHC

The Event, and our coverage, start at the following times (depending on where you are on the globe).
3pm Los Angeles
6pm New York
11pm London
midnight Berlin
8am Melbourne (Sunday)
10am Wellington (Sunday)

Votable Inter-Server UHC #1 Teams

Make sure you come check out tomorrow, and cheer on your favourite teams! (or pick one if you don’t know anyone). Also, don’t forget to use the hashtag #VotableUHC
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