/U/rukbukus on Reddit posted his awesome bachelors pad, and we just had to show it you guys. I wish I lived in it.

The Exterior, It looks so elegant and ominous.  Just beautiful during dusk.

01 - The exterior


At the entrance you’re greeted with some nice hardwood floors, and spot for your shoes.

02 - Entrance


If we go down to the basement, or the ManCave, we have a nice pool table and can have some brewskis.

03 - Basement

Heres another angle.

04 - Other angle of basement

Let’s go back upstairs, nice painting.

05 - up the stairs

This is the living room. Notice the 90-inch flatscreen :)

06 - living room

Ahem.. Bathroom

07 - bathroom

Another view, feels like I’m in a luxurious cabin

08 - barthoom counter

This is another view of the living room.

09 - roof shot of living room

The master bedroom, where Steve gets his groove on.

10 - bedroom

11 - ontop of bed


View from the bedroom

12 - bedroom window

Coming soon a Jacuzzi ;)


Be sure to check out his YouTube channel as well. He has nice tutorial how to hide stuff:

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If you have an awesome structure, please post in comments and don’t forget to share!


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