UK unveils virtual skyscraper to find, nurture and recruit budding cyber talent.

Cyber Security Challenge UK, backed by the Cabinet Office and a host of private and public sector sponsors has launched ‘Cyphinx’, a 3D virtual skyscraper that acts as a gateway to a host of cyber security games, competitions and ciphers; as well as recruitment opportunities.

By combining always-on access to games and competitions that reflect the real-world skills cyber professionals use today, with learning materials and the chance to meet potential employers, Cyphinx is expected to become the UK’s hub of cyber talent recruitment opportunities.

Candidates can create avatars, enter the building, interact with other candidates, and engage with potential employers, making it attractive for some of the biggest names in industry to use as a tool for cyber security recruitment. As they work their way through the games, players’ scores are entered on to leader boards for cyber security related disciplines such as risk analysis, forensic analysis, network defense and ethics, giving them the chance to prove and showcase their individual cyber skills and creating a digital CV in the process.

Every area in Cyphinx will contain a new opportunity to test a different cyber skill, available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, thanks the new play on demand (PoD) platform that powers all gameplay within the Cyphinx environment.

Who should use Cyphinx

Anyone can use Cyphinx from professionals already in the Cyber Security Industry to those who wish to play some challenges purely for fun.

Cyphinx is aimed at all UK and EU citizens who are also resident in the UK. It is designed for a huge range of age groups and levels of existing capability. It doesn’t matter if you are highly technically competent, or brand new to the world of cyber, there will be something for you to see and do.

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