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Locale: United Kingdom
Minecraft Ver: 1.7.9

TraderCraft is a player-focused RPG Minecraft server. We offer a fun, mostly-vanilla style of play, with added RPG elements and a bucketload of ancient lore within an ever-changing community of towns. “Adventure Map” style quests are available that offer a fun party adventure and unique loot to boot and keep the server constantly fresh and fun. Come and join now and start your own city and bring it to fruition!


  • Races that give different bonuses and penalties
  • Classes that let you learn awesome skills
  • Jobs that pay out as you play
  • Quests you can go on that bear unique rewards
  • Close-knit and Friendly community
  • Focus on roleplay and storybuilding and building beautiful and diverse cities
  • Build your own official city!
  • Take part in City Battle Tournaments
  • Travel through the Dimensional Rift and do battle with an ancient evil


  • You must be over 13 to play – While we cannot enforce this entirely, we simply warn players that we have a mature community.
  • Murdering, stealing, griefing – You know the drill, chests can be locked, but your average player has no worldprotect and try to keep PVP to designated arenas.
  • Advertising – We don’t mind you mentioning other servers, but please don’t demand us to visit them or spam the chat with links.
  • Begging admins for items and rank – If you’re due a promotion it will be given in due course, but we do not take moderator applications at any time.
  • Bullying and Harrassment – Don’t be that person.
  • Bug exploiting, cheating, hacking, etc. – This includes making mob exp traps/farms, using modded clients (mini-maps and GUI enhancements are fine) and X-raying.

The Staff
The Owner: Venion
The Admins: DomWarner KingK Tyolka
The rest of ’em

New Players
You will begin as a Traveller. If you beat the spawn puzzle you will be promoted to Commoner rank and allowed to build and can proceed to pick your starting race. You will later be promoted to Resident rank which is our trusted rank and will give you access to more commands. We also offer a Donator rank – visit our Donation Store for more info.Please check out our Hub Website for more info. 

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