Once you start mining diamonds, you are on the track to conquering the world of Minecraft! Once you have enough diamonds, you start maxing out your experience levels! What do you do with them, you say? ENCHANT! Although we know we have to enchant, how do we know what we are going to get? WE DON’T! That’s why it so important you spot a good enchantment when you need one! This is the “Top 5 Enchantments YOU Need to Prosper in MC!”

5) Protection – The protection enchantment protects you from most damages and when you get the highest level (IV), it is a killer tool to have. This is especially useful on PVP servers where you get hit and damaged left and right! The great thing about the protection enchantment is that it is available on all forms of armor! This is great for increasing your chances of getting it!

4) Sharpness – A great complement to a great defensive enchantment is a great offensive enchantment.  Sharpness adds 1.25 extra damage per level of enchantment. If you max out the enchantment at V, then you get extra 6.25 damage per hit! This is also extremely useful on PVP servers considering that amount of battling you have to do. Don’t just limit it to that by the way … use it everywhere from mobs to big boss battles!

3) Fire Aspect – Fire Aspect adds a whole depth to swords! Not only do they add extra damage even after you hit a player or a mob, it lasts for a while!  One hit with a fire aspect sword will last a while! It is a great survival tool as well! Dropped meat from a mob while get cooked if you use kill the mob with fire aspect. No more carrying coal on the go with this sword! It’s a great 2 in 1 package!

2) Infinity – I am not a frequent user of the bow for one reason and one reason only … you need arrows! Arrows are a pain to get and a pain to make so most people stray away from them, including me! With the infinity enchantment, you only need ONE arrow in your inventory! You never have to worry about running out again! It’s a great tool for archers and newcomers to archers alike!

1) Fortune – Fortune at its greatest level (III) is the greatest enchant in the game! Every time you mine diamonds or emeralds there’s a great chance that you could multiply that drop by 4! Imagine finding a pool of four diamonds and getting 16 in return! It is a great tool to getting diamonds quicker and becoming more powerful in the game of Minecraft! It is essential to your prospering in Minecraft!

Have you ever had any of these enchantments? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and as always come back to GearCraft for the latest news and articles!

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