Triple spawner? Pfff…
How to manipulate the Minecraft world generation ;-)

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The shown was developed together with Dan and Kabo:

– Could you use this technique for blaze spawners?
No, blaze spawners generate as part of the nether fortresses which ignore the blocks around them. So you sadly can’t manipulate the generation of blaze spawners.
– Could you use this technique to generate witch huts?
The most common reason why witch huts don’t spawn is that they try to get placed in the wrong biome. Also the game only tries to place one witch huts per 32×32 chunks.
It’s really unlikely that you find a witch huts which dosen’t generate because of blocks. Also you would have to remove blocks than which would be quite a bit harder than placing them.
– Could you create more spawners than 4?
Yes, as I said in the video the game tries to place 8 per chunk. So you could get alot of them in theory. It’s just a lot more work. That’s why I didn’t do it for this first survival test.
– Why were all the spawners skeleton spawners?
When the spawner gets created the floor of the spawner only gets placed if there is a solid block below it. Every block that gets placed in the floor changes all the generation which comes after it. So by placing a different amount of blocks below the floor you can roll the dice for the spawner type again.
We figured out how many we would need to place to get skeletons beforehand.

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