Larson Miller and Constantine (Tino) Christelis spent more than a year creating a virtual simulator for the video game Minecraft for their senior project.

Check out the video:

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So what happens if he goes underwater? Do you throw a bucket on the guy? lol

Larson and Constantine call the platform RISE. RISE stands for the Real Illusionary Simulated Experience.

This project has the goal, to create the most realistic gaming experience possible using the game Minecraft.

This is from their blog:

Testing the simulator was incredibly fun.  I honestly didn’t expect it to work as well as it did, but it does! I would walk forward in real life, and my character would walk forward! I would take in a deep breath while roaming around a pine forest, and smell exactly that: pine! I would punch trees, and they would fall before me (and then continue to float in midair because of Minecraft physics).  I also may have had too much fun placing flowers all over that forest…but they smelled nice with the pine (seriously, they did, we have a scent for flowers too)!”

For more info, definitely follow their blog:  HERE (

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RISE Minecraft Virtual Simulator

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