We’ve all seen all those big YouTuber’s play it, but know it’s time to venture off and explore those islands by yourself! Welcome to the Ultimate Guide of Survival Islands!


You’ve just spawned on the island… know what? The first day of Minecraft is essential in prospering in any regular world, so it is even more crucial that it is done right on the island with the limited resources you have. A good survival island usually has the following three things: trees, grass, and sugarcane!

2014-05-26_00.28.59Trees provide the wood you will need to make the supplies for you to prosper on your island. Once you collect the wood you have to wait a couple of minutes in order to collect the saplings. Don’t forget to collect the saplings! If you don’t then you will have no more resources and you will eventually die out. With the wood you have just collect, you have to turn them into planks. You can them begin crafting. The first thing you do is craft a standard hoe which you will use to farm your first food!

Grass may is useless right? Wrong! Grass holds an important tool for survival, your food! When you punch grass, you get seeds. Using the hoe you just made, farm some land out near the edge of the island adjacent to water. You have just started your first farm! Next, find some sugarcane. Punch away until you have all of it and replant for some paper to enchant!


You’ve had a long day, now what? Fight! Using the leftover wood, make a sword or two and go out there and fight. It would ideal to kill a ton of skeletons since they drop bones for bone meal which will increase your food supply in the first few days.


After you’ve had enough food to sustain yourself quite a bit, go down and mine. Once you reach iron, the possibilities you could do with your island are endless. You have a sustainable system for food and protection with your wood and seeds. After that, this game is all yours and what you want to do is up to you! Have fun on your survival island!


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