While the PC Edition of Minecraft gets a lot of the spotlight on Gearcraft, the things Minecraft Pocket Edition players create on their phones and tablets never cease to impress me.  Today, it’s time to feature some of the coolest farms of all time. While you’re looking at these builds, keep in mind the fact that they were built on phones and tablets, with touch controls. A number of them were even made in survival.

This list isn’t in an order from best to worst, but rather the order I found the builds in.

Compact Vertical Farm – Tye-Dye

Starting off at number one, here’s a farm that brings just about everything into one compact tower. You’ll have no need for sprawling wheat and tree farms with something like this.

Mountain Farm – johnbutler896

At #2, here’s a mountaintop build – perhaps less practical, but certainly more awesome looking than a normal farm.

Chicken Egg Farm – Puzler

The third farm on the list is a giant chicken that lays a lot of eggs. More accurately, it’s a giant chicken containing a lot of smaller chickens, all of which lay what amounts to a lot of eggs.

3 Tiered Farm – noodlemandan

Another tiered farm, although this one is smaller.

Survival Sheep Farm – JunkJack

If you want wool, this is a cheap way to get all the colors you need. It’s not as epic as some of the other farms featured, but this is certainly functional.

Wooden Mob Farm – GolDLuffy

In a style that’s almost Western, this is a mob farm with a very aesthetically pleasing wooden frame around it.

Barn ‘n’ Farm – PocketMines

The last farm is an overgrown barn, and farm. It wins points for the theme, and for the cool use of leaves. It’s also my personal favorite of the list.

What should we make a Top of All Time list on next? Let me know in the comments below!

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