So many enchantments to choose out of, which ones do you think most people forget about?

A video from IBXToyCat lists the most underrated enchantments:

#5 – Silk Touch: It’s one of the most handy things you can have if you want more building blocks. It gives you access to diamond ore, emerald ore, you know and other ore’s you wouldn’t actually have in survival. You also have access to other blocks, such as the Ice block, Mycelium block, Grass Block, Mushroom block (so SECRET). You can also break glass and glow stone,  and more.

#4 – Bow Enchantment – Flame: If you fire the flame arrow, it goes right through the armor, which normally absorbed a lot of the damaged.

#3 – Helmet Enchantment – Respiration: Allows you breath underwater for much longer. Its great for exploring underwater caves. Also has a use for underwater combat, great for escaping and drowning your victims. Its great to get them on the retreat.

#2 – Protection: A lot of people know about but under use. If you have it on all your armor, it will reduce your damage by up to 80%! But if you enchant it to protection 4 armor, you can reduce the damage by 4%! You won’t even notice it. Meaning you will have better odds going into the fights.

#1 – Smite: It’s like sharpness but only work on undead mobs: Skeletons, zombies, zombie pigmen, the wither and more. This is actually double as effective as sharpness. If you switch to your smite sword, you can kill them in 5 seconds. You can kill most mobs in just one hit! This does a whole 20 points or 10 hearts damage per hit!

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