Today Minecraft is run by servers, which feature many games and activities to do with your friends, but the most popular activity in a server is the mini-games! Mini-games are usually a quick and short game that’ll test your Minecraft abilities in different ways! Today we are going to review one server in particular…

6 - VTBHknR

Multicube was founded by a group of highly successful online Youtubers and the server has experienced great success as well despite it being in the beta phase! We are going to take a look at the server’s most popular game  Tetrenimo!

4 - zq9iDIn

This mini-game is a short 5 minute game which blocks are constantly falling above your head! If you have to outrun the blocks falling while constantly dodging and weaving other player’s blocks! Each player has 3 lives and the objective is be the last remaining!


The game is fast paced and constantly fueled by powerups falling from the sky as well as obstacles such as lava rising from the floor! The maps itself are beautifully designed that add to the uniqueness of the mini-game! Another way to achieve success and win is to constantly climb the falling blocks until you reach the top of the map and eventually escape!

5 - jtLcDn5

If this sounds like you type of mini-game then check out  Tetrenimo on! While you are there, you could also check out other exciting mini-games and don’t forget to mention that sent you ;) ! Have Fun!

1 - 6rFvcWL

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