An important part of the Minecraft experience is playing with mods. While Minecraft is a great game, user creations allow for everything from Diamond Furnaces to Giant Monsters, helicopters, ores and Godzilla.

And yet, there is a problem. Numerous websites reuploading mods without permission. Minecrafter CoolSquid has raised this issue of mod theft on the minecraft forum, and we’d like to highlight it here as well.

Why is mod theft a problem?

The feeling of finding your work on those websites. Just the feeling of finding your mods on those websites is extremely discouraging for many people. Lets say that you wrote a book. The day after, you see the book in a shop, with a big “9books” logo on the front page. You haven’t even been notified. How would you feel? You then read the books ToS, and see that “9books” is claiming to own your book! This is extremely discouraging.

Outdated versions. When users find a bug, they then go to the mod author to report it. The problem is, that the bug was fixed 2 months ago! This is very annoying for both the author and the user.

Wrong Minecraft versions. Those websites are marking the mods as working with wrong Minecraft version. They do this to get more downloads. The user will then go to the mod author and complain.

Possible malware. Mods from those sites are untrustable, and may contain malware.

Making money of other peoples work. Those sites are placing other peoples mods behind AdFly links, and other ads, and are directly earning money on other peoples work!

Stealing money. When many people download from those sites instead of the official sites, the author loses revenue. Modders don’t earn much from their mods, but small amounts of money can be a big motivation.

Stealing downloads. Maybe one of the most encouraging things about making mods, is seeing your mods getting lots of downloads. When many users download from those sites instead of the official sites, the author loses many of downloads from his/her server. This is extremely discouraging for the modder.


The following list of known sites illegally distributing several mods was compiled by CoolSquid.

  1. http:// www 9minecraft net/
  2. http:// www modsminecraft com/
  3. http:// mod-minecraft net/
  4. http:// www modsminecraft org/
  5. http:// www skydaz com/
  6. http:// www minecraftmods com/
  7. http:// minecraftsix com/
  8. http:// www minecraftexe com/
  9. http:// minecraft-forum net/
  10. http:// www minecrafteando com/
  11. http:// www 6minecraft net/
  12. http:// www comoinstalarmodsminecraft com br/
  13. http:// www minecraftdl com/
  14. http:// www minecraftmods18 net/
  15. http:// www minecraft20 com/
  16. http:// minecrafttime com/
  17. http:// www yourminecraft com/
  18. http:// file-minecraft com/
  19. http:// 6minecraftmods net/
  20. http:// www minecraftdata com/
  21. http:// www minecraftspot net/
  22. http:// 9minecraftmods net/
  23. http:// azminecraft info/
  24. http:// www 8minecraft org/
  25. http:// 9minecraftaz blogspot com/
  26. http:// minecraft-inside ru/
  27. http:// www miinecraft org/
  28. http:// 5minecraft net/
  29. http:// mcmoddatabase com/

Know another site that steals minecraft mods? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list

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