Yes, it’s Epic Builds time again, the time when I show off an awesome/cool creation. This time, it’s a set of Steampunk Dinosaurs. (What more can anyone want?). Created by the Cephyr Build Team, this creation is entitled “Primal Portal”. The Cephyr team describes their build as follows:

We created a great portal from a mysterious land opening into a blank world, lifeless and pristine; an untouched canvas. Out from this portal comes a host of great and mighty Mesozoic Monsters! Not only are they giant reptiles, but they are also made even stronger by the metal in their bones and the machinery that gives their jaws an extra punch! If you thought regular dinosaurs were scary, just take a look at these new Steampunk variants!

If you want to explore this primal world, you can download the map from PlanetMinecraft.

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