Minecraft is full of creative gamers. Not only are they creative in-game but in real life as well. Some do wonderful art, some sing, and if you’re like Mr.Happy aka Guneet Sura, you write books.

the-lost-turtleGuneet wrote a book entitled The Lost Turtle which is about a turtle finding his way back home…sorta like Finding Nemo! Just different.

The story of the Lost Turtle starts off with a turtle hanging out with his family at his birthday party, but there’s something sinister swimming around in the ocean.. The turtle’s grandma then goes missing, and you go along on an adventure of a lifetime.

Will the lost turtle ever find his way home? Will he find his grandma? Will he become turtle soup?

Guneet has made the book available for FREE for a limited time, you can download the ebook from Amazon.

The Lost Turtle on Amazon

Besides writing books, Mr.Happy also has an active YouTube Channel, check out one of his popular videos:

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You can also catch up with Guneet aka Mr. Happy on Twitter @MrHappy08 or check out his YouTube Channel: The BlastingFurnace.

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