The latest snapshot for Minecraft 1.9 (15w38a) was released earlier today, and features a number of improvements/additions, including the ability for Skeletons to walk and shoot at the same time. Skeletons have received a pretty big buff in this latest snapshot, which allows them to shoot and move at the same time. Mojang pls nerf!

The following is copied directly to the changelog, mainly for entertainment’s sake. 

Notable changes:

  • Clonk. Clunk. Neigh!
  • More optimisations!
  • More bug fixes!
  • Further improvements to general mob AI.
  • Taught skeletons how to multitask.
  • Made all pet (ocelot & wolves) deaths be announced to their owners, not just named ones.
  • Thunder & Lightning is 0.02% more scary.
  • Clank. Clonk. Twang. Thud.

I downloaded the new snapshot just to check out the new Skeletons. From my encounters, I can confirm that they’re lots of fun to deal with. (no further comment).

If you want to test out the fun new snapshot, you can download it from within the Minecraft Launcher.

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