Linking nether portals is an essential part of creating any nether hub system. And yet, it’s a complicated process, something I found tricky to wrap my head around. Luckily, Holtb80Games has created a simple tutorial that is easy  to follow.

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How to link portals, it’s really some basic math but a little known feature of the game to even the most experienced player. Take you portal coordinates in the over world and divide the X and Z by 8. The Y coordinate is strictly elevation and does not matter.

On the flip side, you can build a portal in the nether and link them properly by taking the nether portal coordinates and multiplying by 8 to get the over world coords.

It should be noted that the portals link math works with all versions of minecraft, no matter how old.

As mentioned here is the seed: -4753268102333486242

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