Wonder Quest is a new educational channel/show, starring Stampy(Joseph Garret) with his new friend the Wizard Keen(Adam Clarke) as they try to save the wonderful town, Wonderberg from the evil and not so funny wizard,Heinous (Shay Carl). It was created in collaboration with Disney’s Maker Studios.

Guest Stars include, IBallisticSquid, Captainsparklez, EvanTubeHD, StacyPlays and Amy Lee 33.

Also on Wonder Quest is a show called I Wonder. Where Stampy and Keen will talk about educational topics. It is the first fully animated version of Stampy.

A separate series, Side Quest, episodes where Wizard Keen and Stampy play games set up by Keen himself. These episodes are released on Stampy’s Main Channel.

Wonder Quest is actually three new shows at once. The main show will have 12 scripted episodes each ranging from 12-20 minutes in length, and a quest to find a broken-up “Wondergem” with the help of a friendly wizard named Keen.

Each episode has an educational angle. “I might be estimating the size of trees or learning about the water cycle. There’s always something Stampy needs to learn in order to get past the challenge,” says Garrett.

You can check out WonderQuest on their YouTube channel.


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