Have you ever complained that Minecraft is too easy? Maybe you want a bit of a challenge? If that’s you, “Rogue” is what you want. Self described by its creator as “A procedural dungeon generator in Minecraft”, Rogue generates a random dungeon each time you play, giving you a new experience each time. It’s basically a roguelike, but in Minecraft. It’s created by Rubisk, and it looks awesome!

– A new, fresh and unique dungeon everytime you play.
– Completely vanilla Minecraft, no mods required.
– Randomized loot, freshly generated chest contents.
– Unique Custom Mobs, with spawners randomly placed all across the map.
– 5 different levels, with it’s own mobs, loot and look.

Do not use commands.
Do whatever you feel like.

The map is fully multiplayer supportive. Make sure the server render distance is set to 7 or higher, the standard gamemode is set to 2 (adventure mode), and just load up the map and play.

You can download the map from the Minecraft Forums. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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