After much disappointments, we have positive news for everyone, the release date might be just a couple weeks away! In a tweet from 4J Studios:

What does that means? Well they 4J Studios have fixed the bugs and sent the game in for final testing by Sony. The process would take a couple of weeks, meaning We can expect to see Minecraft PS4 on the shelves as early as the 8th or 9th of September. With Xbox following closely behind, we can expect a release on September 12th. Another tweet from 4J confirms that they are almost done with thee bugs, “Down to the last few bugs with #MinecraftXbox1 – hoping to hand it over to Microsoft by the end of the week!”

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If you’re a PS3 or Xbox360 player, you will be able to transfer your worlds with a patch.

TO be devil’s advocate, gamers think there will be too many bugs because it was originally a PC game. But keep in mind its already on PS3 and 360 and doing fine :) Share us on Facebook.

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