Every month we plan to take a look at an up and coming YouTuber who has worked really hard and created a loyal following. This month we take a look at XxParaKeet92xX, a 22 year old YouTuber who has gained over 500 subs in a matter of 8 weeks! That’s quite impressive!!

XxParaKeet92xX plays broadcasts Minecraft from Xbox 360 and has some really awesome videos.

Check out her Hide and Seek video

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We caught up with ParaKeet92 and asked her a few questions

When did u start YouTubing?

I started playing with other youtubers before I was able to record myself! I uploaded my first video when I reached 100 subs about 2 months ago.

Why do u like Minecraft?

I like Minecraft because of it having no story structure! I love the fact I can do what I want on it and there is so many different game modes which have been created on it. I especially love building my on maps!

What do u think your audience likes about your channel?

I think mainly my audience likes the people I play with! I have met so many popular YouTubers along the way who have become some great friends! (I hope they like my content!)

Any future plans for it?

Many new series have been discussed which I am looking forward to recording! Also weekly Live streams will be happening when I reach 500 subscribers. (which has happened!)

How can other gamers get a chance to play with you?

They have to become my friend! Though anyone can join my live streams and sometimes I will record a minigame with subs by asking on Twitter.

Which videos are your favorite from your channel?

So far my favourites have to be my first ever vid (My Journey to 100 subs) and The small episode I did to give my character a bit of background (The Story of XxParaKeet92xX)

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Which videos are your favorite from other channels?

I love watching all Minecraft vids from my friends channels, but I especially love LionMaker’s Survival Madness series! All his content is great!

Anything else you would like to add?

If it weren’t for my friends I have met I wouldn’t be doing YouTube! Mr. Nightfoxx, Joker2039 and Showtimes Quest were the most supportive people who helped me along the way! So massive thanks to those peeps!

You can check out XxParaKeet92xX’s YouTube channel here, and be sure to subscribe!

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