Gearcraft is proud to feature this week’s gamer, Croc Playz, a Minecraft Xbox 360 Minecrafter who also does videos on YouTube. He mostly builds maps as he is good with architecture. He usually has a new video every Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sunday. We caught up with Croc Playz to ask him a few questions.

When did u start YouTubing?

About 6 Months Ago When I Built My First Hide And Seek The Finding Nemo Hide And Seek.

Why do u like Minecraft?

Because It Is A Open World Game Where Anything Can Happen And It Lets People To See Your Imagination

What do u think your audience likes about your channel?

I Think My Audience Likes My Youtube Channel Because Of Some Of The Amazing People I Get To Play With

Croc Playz’ most popular video

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Any future plans for it?

My Future Plans For My Channel Are I Will Be Starting A Comunity World And A Survival And Getting Better Equipment To Record Better And Audio Sounds Better.

How can other gamers get a chance to play with you?

Other Gamers Can Connect With Me Through Skype And Xbox My Xbox GT Is -Croc Playz And Skype Is teamblaze3 And When You Search It Up It Shows Up Croc Playz

Which videos are your favorite from your channel?

My Map Trailers Because They Show People I Have A Personality And A Good Imagination And It Has Gotten Me Where I Am Today

Which videos are your favorite from other channels?

My Favorite Videos From Other Channels Are Lions Survival Madness And Hide And Seek Because That`s What Got Me To Start Building Maps

Anything else you would like to add?

The People That Got Me To Start Youtubing Are Lionmaker And Mr.Nightfoxx

You can connect with Croc on Twitter @mine_bacca and check out his YouTube channel here

His Xbox gamer tag is Croc PlayzYT if you would like to join him in a game.

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