The amazing Minecraft map Planetary Confinement – The Dunes by Samasaurus6 is out today! This map contains completely custom crafting recipes, used within the new “Crafting Module” inside the ship. The inventory crafting GUI can still be used, but all recipes which require a crafting table are no longer used. Due to the nature of custom crafting, recipes MUST be crafted one-by-one. You must also craft carefully, as empty slots are not detected by the crafting module, so if there is a recipe detected with an extra item somewhere in an unused slot, it will be lost!


– 2,000 x 2,000 area map with custom terrain ready to be explored. Loads of secrets to find!

– Unique Hydration and Temperature system which depends on many things such as exposure to sunlight.

– Random Events system!

– Grappling Hook!

– Tougher mobs with new mechanics, such as spiders trapping players in webs!

– Over 23 different quests!

– Over 40 custom crafting recipes with an online and in-game crafting guide! (See Crafting section)

– Turrets, Sieves, Deconstructors and loads more functioning blocks!

– Redstone Rifle! (Model created by WeeHeeHee. Downloads in credits).

– Loads of custom models made by me!

– 10 Hidden Achievements

– 2 Awesome Boss Battle

Find out more here.

Download: Planetary Confinement – The Dunes

Keep an eye out for our review of Planetary Confinement, coming in the next few days.

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