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This Gamer Made an Entire Village in a HOLE.. Blown with TNT!

User s1h4d0w on Imgur made this awesome village in a hole, that he blew out entirely with TNT. “I loved just filling tunnels with tnt and …

7 More Awesome Minecraft Bedrooms We Want!

I really really want some of these rooms!

Mojang Announces 14 New Realms Maps!

This week, Minecraft Realms gets a host of new maps for you to play with friends. We look at the list.

Redstone, Bunnies & Doors Make an Appearance in the Latest Pocket Edition Update!

I am returned! Now, read about the fluffy bunnies and redstone in the latest Pocket Edition Update!

Realistic Pirate Resource Pack – Download

The Intermacgod Realistic pirate resource pack is a photo realistic texture pack for Minecraft 1.8.8., OptiFine and launcher required.

Best Minecraft Cakes for 2015

If you’re looking for ideas for Minecraft cakes, these are the latest and coolest Minecraft cakes we’ve seen for 2015. Oh and cupcakes too!

The Best Minecraft Birthday Cake Toppers

Minecraft cakes are the best because they come in many flavors and designs. These are our favorite Minecraft cake decorations to put on your Minecraft …

War Never Changes, and This Minecraft City Proves It!

Normally, this would just be another big city to show off, but for two reasons it’s slightly different. Firstly FoxGaming has created what might be considered …

Mojang Announces Minecraft snapshot 15w14a – The Love and Hugs Update

It’s been a while since Mojang announced a Minecraft snapshot, but today Mojang has announced the theme of the next update and finally give a peek at …

125 Minecraft Facts You Might Not Know!

Minecraft’s a pretty complicated game, and there’s a lot to know. We’ve collected a list of 125 facts that you might not know, but probably …