Summary: Oscilight 2 is an expansion of the original, adding 24 new puzzles without any really new mechanics. It’s rage-inducing, fun and most of all it’s challenging. There’s not a lot else to say. 

About  a fortnight ago, dwitty, the creator of Oscilight released the sequel to a map I reviewed at the beginning of February. Having enjoyed the first one so much, I downloaded the map, started it up, and promptly got stuck on one of the early levels. (I was livestreaming my playthough at the time, making this all the more embarrassing). Abandoning the attempt in favour of Mineplex PVP, I vowed to return and finish the map at a later date. I’ve now played through more of the map, and come to the point where I’ve reached a decision. review-oscilight-2-a-gearcraft

This map is great. As a sequel, it doesn’t do a whole lot different from the first map, and relies on the same simple set of mechanics – green glass goes up, red glass goes down, blue glass provides a platform to walk in a straight line. Get from the start to the emerald block without taking damage. However, it has 24 more unique puzzles, and provides a lot of entertainment (and rage).

If I were to comment on the aesthetics, I’d say the same as I did in my review of Oscilight 1 – minimalist, looks good, and ties everything together well.

You can download the map from the Minecraft Forum

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