Stone and Stone Bricks are often criticised as being ‘boring’ blocks to build with. We’ve found evidence to the contrary.

The Mountain of Doom

The “Mountain of Doom”—A Fantasy Style server spawn is an impressive and utterly enormous build created almost entirely of Stone and Stone Bricks.

creator MrAniman2 writes:

By building this i wanted to prove that it’s still possible to build large, beautiful and very detailed structures by using just a stone, stone bricks and a little bit of red colour (glass, redstone)
This was wonderful challenge for me….hopefully you love this building as much as i do…) Thanks you!

Watch the below cinematic flyover to see it in full glory.

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Build Details:

Name: The Mountain of Doom
Building Time: 20-30h
Size: Size – 300X300
Creator: MrAniman2

Over to You

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