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Need something new to play with your friends? We’ve got a solution! Yesterday, Cubehampster and Sethbling released Missile Wars, a Minigame that is described as follows:

Missile Wars is a vanilla Minecraft mini-game where you launch missiles
to destroy your opponent’s portal, while defending your own!

Launch missiles by right clicking on the ground with missile eggs to launch missiles to the opponents portal and shield.

Use any means to destroy incoming missiles.

A combination of: Slimeblock Flying Machine, TNT Explosions, Parkour, PVP & Bomb Defusal

mw1 mw2 mw3 mw4


● Support for teams up to any amount of players
● 5 Unique survival friendly TNT missiles
● Defensive Items
● Destroyable playing field
● Win detection and automatic map reset
● State of the art game lobby
● Allows player to late join running games
● Spectator mode
● Admin console where you can adjust game settings
● 3 Types of gamemodes
● 9 Adjustable settings
● Manual map reset
● Allows admins to display current game settings

You can download the map from the PlanetMinecraft Page

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