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  1. DrBeatzSmash – Free, non-copyright sounds to use in your Minecraft gameplay YouTube videos, Twitch streams or Vimeo videos. DrBeatzSMASH is a small, YouTube channel dedicated to releasing free music for the sole purpose of providing video creators with music to enhance their video creations.
  2. Captain Minecraftia – Show’s people how to do things in Minecraft
  3. KimmieTins – “Let’s Plays” of many different games including Minecraft
  4. Micmastodon –  Place for building, tutorials, guides, walkthroughs, fails, some role-playing and adventures in Minecraft
  5. Docpool73 – I will take you on a journey, a Minecraft  Journey. I do lets play videos, and have lots of fun!!!
  6. The LEGO Cantina – At the moment I upload Speed-render videos to my channel, (Sped up videos showing me creating Minecraft renders) In the future I intend to return game-play videos.
  7. TEZOmc G – The Zombie Overlord’s Channel – game-play only.
  8. Midnight Fang – Minecraft and more!
  9. Inkonsistent Gaming – Minecraft, and more in an adult oriented setting with an interesting group of friends.
  10. ElementalCrafters – We are a gaming channel from survival to mini games and from mods to maps.
  11. ComputerBoy122 – A Gaming and Tutorials YouTuber, addicted to Minecraft and Lego Sets and Lego machines.
  12. Coop DizzleMC – Family friendly Minecraft videos in 720p including StreamCraft, where we’re building Rhapsody – the ultimate base, and occasionally other building related videos such as Minecraft Landscaping Fast and Let’s Builds. I hope you enjoy it and may you be happy and well!
  13. Kyuppyman96 – Random Videos and games
  14. Golden Minecraft – A little channel of gaming videos and VLOGS
  15. MCA Plays Minecraft – A Minecraft channel with some crazy awesome stuff! Along with my friends, I do mod showcases, custom maps, mini games, and more!
  16. Mott Bot – I make an LP on the SMP server PentaCraft.  I also make redstone tutorials (my main content) and occasional building videos like modern and medieval builds (a wide range, I know). I started with command block videos (a calculator with a working display being my most prided invention) and bug videos for snapshots (was more to just get the hang of recording videos and uploading).
  17. Mr. Happy – I upload Minecraft PC or Ps3 videos. I create videos mostly on redstone works.
  18. PROTIGY STEVEN – Am a 15 year old animator whose trying to make it in the YouTube business.
  19. MEGAMINE™ | LORDMEGACOM – I make Minecraft Gameplay at the moment, and  I make Minecraft Speed Art.
  20. Enigma Red Gaming – I love coding and playing games, so check me out do both at the same time.
  21. Quby – I make mod rievews, lets plays and more! I play some other games too & I love getting suggestions on things to do!
  22. MCShorts – I love making renders and animations and speed-arts  and I take request!
  23. KewCraft – Here at KewCraft, we aren’t your stereotypical Minecraft channel. We do everything from Machinima’s, to time-lapse videos and will even be starting game-play’s in the future!
  24. JMoney199 – Minecraft and other gaming.
  25. XanderWitch Gaming – XanderWitch is a YouTube channel devoted to family gaming, including videos of Minecraft, Path of Exile, and whatever we enjoy playing together!
  26. Daikonqueroar – Minecraft, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and whatever else I’m feelin’ at the time is what you’re going to be getting on my channel. Hurry up! Hit the subscribe button and get daikonquer’d!
  27. DerasonGames – A Variety gaming channel, mostly FTP MMORPGs, FPS, and H1Z1 (Specifically). Enjoy the humor in being a failure at survival!
  28. Charlie Dean – Hello there! I upload Minecraft videos and quite regularly.
  29. TECH THE WORLD – This is a BRAND NEW channel hosting a few NEW ways of playing in Minecraft. In our “Stampy’s World Rebooted” series we explore the tasks of redesigning some of the builds Stampy has made in his own world. In our “Sky Factory: Sky Den” series we start off on a tree with only one block of dirt below us – can we survive? Plus we have some other special videos planned too. Might even start doing vlogs if we get enough likes and Subscribes.
  30. WolfrikGaming – I do music parodies, original and gameplay about Minecraft.
  31. FoxBlockheadlp – Here you will find videos that are safe for kids to enjoy. 100% kid and family friendly gaming, reviews, and Let’s Plays.
  32. Finchycf68 Gaming – I am a 10 year old English boy from South London.I love making videos enjoy.
  33. NoxcrewRB – The NoxcrewRb is a team of people run by The Redstone Wizards; NoxiteV2 Aka SoRainyYT & System_update. Together The Redstone wizards and the pesant builders want to make the closest posable replica that we can :D
  34. SparklingMonkeyGamers – Minecraft survival games and more.
  35. fish041AJ lilacღ – Minecraft & Roblox.
  36. StarGaming Studios – I make Minecraft videos, Red Dead Redemption videos, music videos, challenges, Wednesday Visitors, Friday Parties, tutorials and many more. I do not allow arguing  on the channel or anything that can be hurtful to anyone.
  37. Enderman_Green Ender Cast – Minecraft games and more.
  38. KoalaPlays – My Channel is About Playing Mini Games and Other Games Like Roblox and Minecraft I Now use Any Screen Recorder For My Minecraft Videos and Mobile Videos And Now Have A Microphone!
  39. Jeremy974Gaming – Gameplays,News,First Impressions and more… Here you go subscribe today to have very good content everyday on some games!
  40. Dinnozap – Minecraft games and more.
  41. Exploded Dragon Gaming – Fun In Minecraft And Other Games & Building Tutorial’s.
  42. The Currylord – On this channel, I love showing content of survival, minigames and other minecraft goodness with my friends and I! Join the curry empire today!
  43. ThatCanadianMitch – Minecraft youtube videos and lots of other fun stuff.
  44. KoalasCraft – I do mobile and Minecraft PC and a few others.
  45. PartyBlaze Productions – A channel with high-quality gameplay videos, tutorials, and other cool stuff. The games? Minecraft, Unturned, GTA, Warface, etc. Be sure to leave a subscribe!
  46. Boomy Basher Playz – Hello. Welcome to my channel. My name is Boomy Basher. I upload lets plays on a variety of different games and I try to make a ROBLOX and MINECRAFT video every week. I always have a great time making my videos and if you decide to stick around, I’m sure you will too.
  47. CBTesla-MC –  This Channel Will Consist Of MC – Build Tutorials, MC – Redstone Contraptions, MC – Survival And MC – Glitches. Every Week Has One Video And Sometimes A Special Map Release. BY THE WAY ALL MY VIDEOS ARE “FAMILY FRIENDLY” THEY CONTAIN NO SWEARING AND NO CRUDE HUMOR, SO SATISFY ALL YOUR MINECRAFT NEEDS WITH MY VIDEOS!