Minecraft 1.9’s development is now truly on track, with the release of the second snapshot. Dubbed 15w32a, there are a number of additions to this update that look pretty cool.


According to Mojang, these are some of the improvements since last week:

  • Improved Ender Dragon fight, now with more cowbell!
  • Better handling of using items in both the mainhand and offhand.
  • Some monsters have problems with their vision now, but we don’t have the time to code glasses for them.
  • Generic upgrade path for world saves, this is very technical internal stuff that you’ll only notice if it goes wrong, but it makes our lives easy.
  • Added a thing to the system with the values. Can’t be more specific, no spoilers.

And some bug fixes:

  • [Bug MC-48730] – Nametags still show while player is invisible and on team
  • [Bug MC-82833] – Shulker projectile follows player in spectator mode and creative mode
  • [Bug MC-84035] – Enderdragon can’t die unless perched on portal
  • [Bug MC-84078] – When fishing rod is cast, all fishing rods look like it was cast out to sea too
  • [Bug MC-84253] – almost all potion and tipped arrows are black
  • [Bug MC-84584] – Placing End Rod on End Rod sends “hslsdjfksdlk” to output log twice
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