The statistics are out, and for 2014, “Minecraft” was the second most queried search term on Youtube.

In a report on Youtube Gaming Content, Google announced that “In 2014, the second-most searched topic on YouTube is actually a game: Minecraft. What’s more, it’s not just the volume of views that is impressive. It’s the level of engagement and time spent with gaming content that should make marketers do a double-take.”

How and why did this happen? As Minecraft has grown, and youtubers like AntVenom (who we interviewed last year), have made a job out of producing videos, the desire to become internet famous, and make a living out of playing a game has become almost universal across Minecrafters. Everyone has set up their own channel, or wants to. Moreover, the surge in younger players has led to a growth in the number of people watching youtube videos. Both of these together saw more people searching “Minecraft” on youtube.

While second is pretty impressive, I think we as a community can do better. Lets make 2015 the year where “Minecraft” is the most searched term on Youtube.

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On the topic of youtube, i’ll be writing a practical guide to producing video content in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that, as well as an editorial on the rise of the Youtuber, to round everything off.

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