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Last week, 4J Studios announced Minecraft for the PS Vita, and set a European release date of the 15th. The US release date was to be confirmed later. Now, the US release date has been confirmed as the 14th. Tomorrow.

Minecraft will sell for the PS Vita at the standard price of $19.99. It’s a Cross-Buy game between the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, so buying it once on either platform will let you get it for free on the other.

Despite this, PlayStation 4 owners will need to pay an extra $4.99 to upgrade from the PlayStation 4 version. Cross-Save is not possible between generations because of the map size jump with the PlayStation 4. Bigger maps means that it’d be impossible to move to smaller platforms with saves.

Minecraft on PS Vita will hopefully offer the answer for those who want to play Minecraft on the go, but don’t like using virtual joysticks, like those on phones and tablets.

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