Xzosimusx on imgur and his team created this awesome Minecraft custom city generator. This custom post-apocalyptic city generator is fed by over 500 unique build schematics with full interiors. This two year project is still not available for download but Xzosimusx was kind enough to tease us with some screen captures of his Minecraft custom city generator.

Check out these awesome pics, the city reminds me of the Walking Dead.

Xzosimusx had this to say about the Minecraft custom city generator, it “replaces the default Minecraft gen and first lays down a road grid, then plays tetris with over 500 schematics with different contexts similar to biomes (highrise, midrise, lowrise, industrial, residential and others) to fill each block.

Every street has sewers below them and every highway has a subway line underneath it.

The builds themselves are actually pristine — the decay, erosion, and overgrowth you’re seeing in the pics is applied by the generator algorithmically, so not only is the world laid out differently every time we gen, but the decay is always unique.

The map is currently generated at 8k x 8k and is one giant city with nature in the forms of parks scattered around. Each time the city is generated it is a unique city with unique layouts and contexts (aka city biomes).”

You really gotta see the whole album @ imgur. These pics are amazing!

Oh man We can’t wait till it’s available for download, be sure to like us add us to your Facebook newsfeed to get notified as soon as its available.

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