After more than a year of development, snapshots and twitter previews, Minecraft 1.9 is live. This update brings a sweeping overhaul of Minecraft’s combat mechanics, and a number of other additions.

No longer is PvP a spam-click game. Instead, weapons now have a cooldown period in between swings. Different weapon types also bring diversity to the field — a crushing axe blow and a sword sweep. To balance this all, Mojang have also added shields, which can block attacks, and be customised with a banner.

The End has also been revamped, with ‘End Cities’ now generating after the dragon is slain.You can also re-summon the Ender Dragon for another round, if you so desire. Another addition is the Elytra – a chestpiece with wings that allows gliding, which can be found in the new End.

The entire update list:


  • Added shields
  • Attacking now has a “cool-down” delay, making it more important to time your attacks
  • You can now hold items in both hands (default quick key to swap items is ‘F’)
  • Swords have a special sweep attack
  • Axes have a special crushing blow attack
  • Added the elytra
  • New mob: Shulker
  • Expanded The End
  • Added Chorus plants
  • New Purpur blocks
  • New End Rod block
  • Added dragon head block
  • Ender Dragon can be resummoned
  • Added beetroot and beetroot soup (from MC:PE)
  • Added grass path block
  • Added igloos
  • Armor protection values have been lowered
  • Added tipped arrows
  • Added spectral arrows
  • Added Frost Walker enchantment and frosted ice block
  • Added a whole bunch of new sound effects
  • Added sound effect subtitles
  • Brewing Stand now requires Blaze Powder to activate
  • Added skeleton riders
  • We believe we’ve fixed MC-10 and a whole bunch of other issues
  • Removed Herobrine


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