Below is a list of some Minecraft events going on around the world, and  (if available) their websites and any information we can find.

MineOrama -july 12-13 –

Guests such as Skydoesminecraft, Deadloxx, HuskyMUDKIPZ, Minecraft universe, bashur, ssundee, antvenom and more!

MINECON- location: Europe ( exact not yet known)

As well all know Minecon is a big favorite of  minecraft addicts, this year it has been told that it will be in Europe which for some in the USA is a sad thing cause we wont be able to make it, but just remember people across the sea feel that each year, when minecon is held in the usa


RTX-  Austin Tx

Ohio Minecraft events –

Junior Minecraft Club May 28 – June 11 2014
Wednesday, May 28 1:30p
MakersFactory, Santa Cruz
Engineering Fundamentals: Mine,Craft,Build Lego
Monday, Jul 28 1:00p
Red Morton Community Center, Redwood City
Internet Registration has not begun yet.

Vision Tech: Minecraft Server Set Up 1841.693
Monday, Jul 21 9:00a
Piedmont High School, Oakland
Minecraft is a great game, but it is even better when you make all the rules! You will design a secure, safe, and private server, complete with an epic lobby, castles, airships. etc.

PlayWell TEK: Eng. FUNdamental Mine/Craft 1812.793
Monday, Jul 14 1:00p
Piedmont Recreation Department, Piedmont
Internet Registration has not begun yet.

Mine,Craft,Build using Lego
Monday, Jul 28 1:00p
Pewett Park Community Center, Antioch
Bring Minecraft to life using Lego!Build a motorized walking Creeper,a terrifying Ghast,and A motorized Minecart!This project-based camp

More will be added  as we get there information,  Have a minecraft event in YOUR city Comment below :)

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