genius1 Minecraft 1.8 was released a while ago now, but it’s extensive mapmaking features haven’t really been fully explored yet (until now). A Team from The Voxel Box have created “The Genuis Machine” a map and tech demonstration that shows off what is possible. It includes custom textures, voiceovers and a good laugh or two.

I played through the map with a little bit of trepadation. Commandblocks can be finnicky, and the map was made in 72 hours, therefore I wasn’t sure if there would be bugs or not. Luckily, my playthrough was bugfree. There have been reports that Optifine causes issues, but I cannot verify this.

The map is very short. I took 10 minutes to play through it completely. This is of course down to the fact that it’s more of a demonstration of what Minecraft offers. If you wanted something that would last a few hours however, this isn’t it. The gameplay, voice acting and textures are superb. I won’t spoil the story, but it’s certainly worth your time.


In closing – “The Genius Machine” is a great tech demo. I like the possibilities that it brings to the table, and can’t wait to see what other mapmakers come up with.

You can download “The Genius Machine” from the Minecraft Forums.
Make sure you play in Minecraft 1.8, or else it won’t work.

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