Turn your Minecraft World into a Christmas Wonderland with the Lithos Christmas Addon. This resource pack will make any Minecraft World a wonderful place.

Note, this is designed as an add-on for Lithos:Core, but can be used with other packs.

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> Download Lithos<

Here’s a complete list of features:

  • Wreaths for every Door
  • Chests are wrapped like presents, with an extra-special version on Christmas Eve and Christmas
  • Christmas lights on Spruce Leaves and potted Spruce Sapling
  • All Christmas Lights animated
  • Roses/Poppies turned to Poinsettias
  • Rain is replaced with Snowfall
  • All Wool is enhanced with vintage patterns
  • A Dusting of Snow on Grass and Podzol
  • Leather Helmet turned to Santa hat
  • Double-tall Fern becomes small Pine Tree
  • Browned all plants
  • Browned all leaves (besides spruce)
  • Cake to Fruitcake
  • Winter colored water
  • Jack-o-Lantern replaced with a Star
  • Bed and Enchanting Table Cloth replaced with red and green plaid.
  • Redstone lamp has animated Star pattern
  • Soul Sand smiles
  • Red & Green Force Field
  • Frosty Title-Screen and Background
  • Festive GUI background

Are you ready for Christmas? Let us know your preparations in the comments below. Or maybe you’re not celebrating? Let us know why!

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