If you’ve watched any of the trailers I’ve released for various Gearcraft projects, you’ll know that I like to use shaders for just about everything. It will come as no surprise therefore to know that I was so excited to find a new shaderpack that I instantly downloaded and tried it out within minutes. Life Nexus shaders aren’t technically ‘new’, it’s just that I only found them today. Also, v7 was recently released, so I could argue that this is the reason for my post.

Realistically however, we all know that it’s mainly because they’re awesome, as you can see from the screenshots I took of the Gearcraft server. (You can explore Caelum Silva on the Gearcraft server, so technically it counts). 2015-11-05_19.56.11 2015-11-05_19.53.06 2015-11-05_19.52.41

If you want to try these shaders out for yourself, you can download them from the Minecraft Forum. As with all shaders, beware the fact that you’ll need a fairly powerful computer to run them, depending on which version you pick.

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