Recently the ocean has been getting a lot of attention, well since it was named Biome.  Jeb Has Reviled That The Other New Ocean Block Is Called Sea Lantern :)

I’m just glad that the ocean is getting more attention, just yesterday Jeb announced “With the help of reddit and /u/AjaxGb, I’ve been able to name a new block to “Prismarine”.”


There’s another block with new ocean structure, what will be the name for that? Sea Lantern, said Jeb. 


Hopefully this new Sea Lantern looks nice (unlike Glowstone in most cases) and doesn’t require redstone power (like Redstone Lamps). That would make it perfect for lighting in builds! 

I’m glad they’re making oceans more interesting. I’d like to see some more ocean mobs, other than catching invisible fish like we have now.

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