Gone are the days of a lemonade stand on the corner of the street. If you want to be an entrepreneur now, you need to think bigger—exactly what three young Minecrafters from did. Jack, Colleen and Niall Brohan were huge fans of the game, and decided to establish a business that somehow related to Minecraft.

Enter Jaconi Crafts – Minecraft Youtuber themed merchandise, ranging from keyrings to bookmarks, picture frames, drink bottles and more. While the items aren’t official merchandise, the Youtubers have given permission to Jaconi Craft to create the merchandise. Jaconi Crafts first got real traction at Minevention,  earlier this year, and since then has grown to the point where it’s no longer a stall, and now a website where you can order everything from the aforementioned keyrings to finger puppets, necklaces and notebooks (there’s a huge list of items, and it continues to grow).1-DSC_0870-005 1-DSC_0973-001

You can find JaconiCrafts at their Website, on Facebook and on Twitter. Make sure to check out these kids awesome stuff, and let them know we sent you!

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