You might have noticed a few updates to our website in the last couple of days. If you follow us on twitter, you’ve probably also seen some tweets about, including a “Test Broadcast – Please Ignore” tweet that linked to a livestream which was a couple of seconds long. At this point, it’s probably obvious: Gearcraft is getting into Minecraft streaming.

Like with our Youtube Channel, the twitch channel isn’t going to replace It’s instead intended as a way of connecting with you, our community. It’s also a chance for me to play video games instead of writing about them all day. Most of the livestreams will be me playing on popular servers, and I encourage all of you to join me. I’ve also considered live server reviews, so if you have a server you want reviewed, contact me (either in the comments below or at [email protected]), and I’ll pop on sometime. We’re also going to be using the livestream to keep you up to date with Minecon 2015.

I might even play some Lego Worlds, because that game is pretty cool. (although not strictly related to Minecraft).

We understand that as a company, entering a very competitive environment where personality trumps everything else, we’re probably at a disadvantage. Having said that, we’re people too, and I think you’ll find our livestream entertaining.

You can find our livestreams at

Our first actual stream is going to be in about 40 minutes, so hopefully we’ll see you there.

You can also vote on which server you want me to play on below.

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